Thursday, December 29, 2005

We're Famous!

According to Yahoo News!, bowling is the fastest-growing high school sport in the nation. They cited Berks County though, which has had varsity bowling for near 40 years. They also cited Twin Valley as a school into it, implying that it is one of the better schools for bowling. This is only facetiously true, because for years the school competed in the much weaker Division II in comparison to where it stands now in the much more competitive Division I. Governor Mifflin, Wilson, or Exeter would have all been better schools to highlight, but at least they highlight Bowl-O-Rama as a place for youth to congregate. Bowling is nothing but good stuff for kids and young adults, ensuring that kids stay committed to something if they want to see improvement, and insisting that they learn manners and sportsmanship, as well as supporting teammates. A bowler can be as great as anyone, and yet if their teammates have bad games, the team will suffer.

For a differing viewpoint on all this, visit adeel's rant on obesity, as though bowling ensures obesity.


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