Thursday, December 29, 2005

All-American Girl

Margaret Cho is not funny. She's also a lazy comedian. Her old stuff was OK, but her new stuff doesn't even attempt anything challenging or even inclusive. Don't be fooled by the people in the crowd laughing at her jokes, they are just laughing because they agree with her politically. Her 'jokes' consist of NO setup and NO punchline, just a political line thrown to the laughing hyenas in the crowd. It starts with declaring Republicans or their policies stupid, and then 10 seconds of declaring her views on why, and then she throws in a real zinger at the end, such as 'God is Beyonce'. ZING! HAHAHA! Whew. She's like an idiot Denis Leary in that she didn't steal her jokes from someone funny, she actually thought that this shit was funny on its own.

The set I took the 'God is Beyonce' punchline from actually doesn't even have a joke attempted in the final several's just a pep talk for the political goons in the crowd. Most people attending political functions try to pepper their set with some real jokes, but she instead installs declarations and insists that you laugh. You wait for the punchline, the rib-buster, but it never comes. One has to come to Cho's set with a previous set of beliefs to find almost anything funny, and that is not comedy. It's not. Sure, lots of comedy requires a base set of knowledge, but good comedy doesn't segregate its audience based on what their core values are, it segregates audiences based on whether they just like that form of comedy. Some people like blue humor, some like clean. But to just assume that slamming Republicans is comedy is to be insanely complacent and lazy.

I'm taking a multi-day break.


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