Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Reading Figures It Out

Headline of the Reading Eagle today: Police Must Deter Crime. Glad someone figured it out.

The Illadelph finally announces the 2006 Hottie in local news and it is a relative unknown in Jessica Borg. She beat frontrunners Alycia Lane and Kerri Lee Hackett. She also is free to give Huge Tiny Mistake some love since we voted for her.

A Citizen's Blog decides that the Phils have a good defensive outfield. How much of this is helped by playing in a park that doesn't give up many doubles is up to anyone's guess, but it's good nonetheless.

George Solomon, ESPN's Ombudsman, tells people to lay off Duke Vitale. In other news, George had to touch on nine different topics. Maybe ESPN should hire 5 more Ombudsmans to help ol' George out, this guy must be getting tired trying to talk about all of ESPNs fuckups.

Finally, Frank Fitzpatrick, sports columnist for the Inky, takes a shot at bloggers. And bloggers get upset.


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