Friday, March 31, 2006

Just a Note On the Sixers

The Sixers current on-court lineup against the Knicks was just John Salmons bring the ball up, Kyle Korver, Matt Barnes, Shavlik Randolph, and Chris Webber playing center.

Uh, yeah. Please fire Billy King for 1. Putting this crap together so that if the Sixers take the starters out they end up losing or they end up losing if they keep the starters out there all game because they are so damn tired at the end of games and for 2. Hiring Mo Cheeks, who has no game plan.


1. Fire Billy King
2. Fire Mo Cheeks
3. Suffer no matter what because the Sixers are contract-laden by Billy King's willy-nilly style, and contract-killed by several average at best players.

They're down 2 to the Knicks(the KNICKS!) 44-42 with7 rebounds in the first 16 minutes. Their top 3 offensive scorers(AI, Webber, Iguodala) are a combined 14-21 with 35 pts. This team plays NO defense and the rest of these guys have NO offensive game. Sheesh. You should be up if your team is shooting 63% and your top 3 guys are shooting 66%!!!

Update: Now they're down by 7 with little Nate Robinson (of Dunk Contest fame, when he robbed Igoudala) hitting 2 free throws at the line for the Knicks. I can't stand it, I think I'm turning this crap off.


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