Monday, April 03, 2006

Please Fire Joe Morgan

Joe Morgan was nominated for a Sports Emmy. Oh Sports Emmys, oh. Oh. Oh my god Sports Emmys WHY?!?! Huge Tiny Mistake, like the Fire Joe Morgan blog, will have no choice but to cast my imaginary, just as useless as the real thing, vote for Troy Aikman because there are simply no other choices. Choosing between Captain John Obvious Madden, Tim McCarver and his multitude of meandering stories, Jon Miller and his pronunciation of the word Perez as 'Pear-ez', and the bumbling, know-nothing munchkin that is Joe Morgan simply paves the way for Troy Aikman to take home the gold. Or take home whatever the hell they actually give out at the Sports Emmys.

On a tangent of a tangent, the Sports Emmys category for Best Sports Journalism had the least options (3) of any award and two of them were Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel segments. It's very telling when a body that nominates the likes of those mentioned above can only find three worthy enough sports pieces they deem outstanding. ESPN had the other, but one would think that with almost ten 24 hour sports networks under its belt that ESPN would garner more than just one quality piece. Then again, maybe ESPN just sucks.

However, Joe Morgan DID thank the rest of the Baseball Tonight crew for his nomation, saying on Sunday's White Sox-Indians game that they 'were the reason' he might win. Good to know that it takes an army of producers and baseball analysts to properly prepare the gems that Joe Morgan utters. Billy Beane wrote Moneyball!!!!!! Ozzie Guillen's Smart Ball won the World Series, not pitching and homers!!!! Getting on-base isn't important, it's all about scoring runs!!!!!

How did this man get nominated??? How has he already won two Sports Emmys??? And maybe the more prudent question: How does he still have a job?


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