Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Chase Utley's Opening Day

3 years ago, a second baseman named Chase Utley made his debut. He struggled through that first year, being sent down to AAA after spending most of April in Philly, then was brought back up again in August. It took another year for this stupid franchise to guarantee him 155 games a year, but now that he has that, the man has become the best offensive 2B in the league. Good going Chase.

Barry Bonds was told by a fan to get his blood checked. The fan even offered him a syringe, free of charge.

Charlie Manuel has hinted at a platoon at 3B of Abraham Nunez and David Bell. Usually a platoon requires at least one good player, but Charlie likes going against the mainstream.

Chris Webber is going to end up playing more games this year than any other season of his career!!!! Too bad he's also shooting the 2nd lowest percentage of his career!


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