Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Larry Brown Suicide Watch Day 42

Larry Brown has been downright gloomy while coaching the New York Knickerbockers. Ever since they traded for Steve Francis 42 days ago, Larry has made several public comments bashing his players. This happened in Philadelphia as well, and in other places, but it's never been as fun as now simply because he finally has competition. Stephan Marbury called himself Starbury. He and Larry differed on whether Starbury is healthy or not, with Larry believing that he is and Starbury believing he is not.

Jalen Rose got hurt.

Jerome James got his money and stopped trying.

Steve Francis started weeping over something.

IsiahThomas was and will always be General Manager.

And now, Nate Robinson is shooting spitballs. Yes, you heard that right...spitballs. In fulfilling the role of the old elementary school teacher who is just hanging on until his retirement kicks in, Larry had to reprimand that whipper-snapper Nate for shooting spitballs on the team bus. Maybe they should've put in the Bus Watch cameras and just make it a total elementary school experience.

But Larry has no one to blame but himself. He walked his way out of Detroit, didn't go to Cleveland when he had the chance, and decided to come into a team that had no cap money, no real good young players and no chance. The man is a self-loathing masochist.


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