Sunday, January 29, 2006

On a Sunday?!

You goddamn right on a Sunday. Rick Santorum, my glorious Senator in Congress, has been an avid supporter of the 'K Street Project', which intended(and succeeded) in Republicanizing the infamous lobby-laden K Street in Washington D.C. That is, he WAS an avid supporter, when he acknowledged his ties to the movement. Now, he seems to be wanting to 'do an extreme makeover, in broad daylight', as this Sunday's Inky editorial put it. Thanks to the Abramoff explosion down in D.C., Santorum has been forced to disavow himself of his K Street Project ties, while also trying to rewrite history itself by not acknowledging his past ties with it.

It's like that guy we all know who cheats on his girl several times, tries to reform, and then finally his girl leaves him and he asks his buddies why she would leave him. Well, because you cheated on her, dumbass!!! Santorum has cheated on Pennsylvania by trying to push a hard-line right wing agenda in Congress, instead of remembering that he was elected in a wave of 'reform', not a wave of conservatism in Pennsylvania. He had great timing, essentially, and ran in on the Newt Gingrich bandwagon, and then proceeded to commit the same deeds that the Democrats previously, namely creating a culture of partisanship and outside influences in D.C. His influences have been his arcane views on the American family, the K Street Project and all its partisan lobbying and dealings, and his blatant disregard for the Pennsylvanian voter. The senior Senator from PA, Mr. Arlen Specter, has NOT disregarded the Pennsylvanian voter, and while he's certainly not been a Democrat or progressive in his voting record, he's strayed from the party when he felt he needed to, and he's connected with the voters. Santorum's screwups are going to cost him, and they're going to cost him big.

For better representation in Congress, my PA friends, look towards Bob Casey Jr. Chuck Pennacchio seems like a great option, but I think he may have run into a wall here going for the same seat as Casey. Hopefully he'll be able to run in four years, because I don't think he'll win this time around.


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