Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Governor Rendell says no to 'fixing' non-problem

In a turn of events, Governor Rendell had to veto a bill which would have taken a non-problem, such as the non-problem of people voting and not showing identification, and pre-emptively solved it. Thing is, solving a non-problem is as easy as not doing anything, but the state Republican legislature, led by Chip Brightbill, didn't seem to realize that. Instead, they wanted to make people produce ID, which many people can't easily produce. Also, there were smaller provisions which would have affected urban districts GREATLY, such as Philadelphia and even Reading. They would have eliminated polling places in businesses and homes, which are the only reasonable places that some can walk to in urban neighborhoods. It would have basically ensured that many Democratic voters couldn't get to the polls, and when the got there, couldn't even vote.

But maybe that was the point.



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