Friday, June 02, 2006

Tommy Lasorda Likes Chain Restaurants

Tommy Lasorda has a blog. Let's get by that, because it's mind-blowing enough, and just get to his most recent post about his 'favorite restaurants'. Something smells a little fishy with this, and it ain't the food. He lists several chain/Disney restaurants(in addition to some great broken links):

-- Buca di Beppo - chain
-- Napa Rose - Disney
-- ESPN Zone(mentioned three times) - Disney/ESPN
-- Tony Roma's - chain
-- Del Frisco's(mentioned three times, once as the 'best in the country, let alone NYC) - 6 locations in 6 cities
-- Sullivan's Restaurant(mentioned three times) - 15 locations
-- Lone Star Restaurant - huge chain and here's what was said: "Their steaks are done to perfection, and they have locations across the country. If you go, tell the host Tommy sent you." Yeah, because the host probably served Tommy and they're like best friends now!!!
-- something called Jeff Ruby's Culinary Entertainment, which had the same broken link twice
from two different restaurants
-- Rosebud Restaurants(two separate links) - eight of them
-- Cracker Barrel - He calls it 'old, down home cooking' Yeah...there's one or two of these restaurants around the nation.

So what gives? Who would really pick so many Disney-affiliated restaurants and chains without actually getting something for it? Am I to believe Tommy, from working-class Norristown, PA, is a big chain man who settles for second-rate chain Italian food? And he likes Pat's Steaks??? He already hates the Phanatic, and now these offenses? What is a young man supposed to believe in these days?

And whoever puts up his blog better do a better job putting up links. I counted 20 broken links, one of them about the White House. George would not be pleased, Tommy.


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