Sunday, May 28, 2006

TV Update: People Watch It

So the official Neilson ratings for this year have come out, 2005-06, came out and the #1 and #2 show is American Idol. CSI, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Without a Trace, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, CSI: Miami, and House round out the top 10. CBS simply dominated by having 9 of the top 20 rated shows in primetime. NBC didn't show up until 13 with Deal or No Deal, The WB until 111 (7th Heaven), and UPN lagged behind at 115 with America's Next Top Model. It will be interesting to see how the UPN and WB fare when they merge into the CW, as they were going for somewhat similar audiences and fairly distinct target markets.

And below is a list of the favorite TV shows of this blog's protagonist. Besides Lost, none hit the top 50, and five of them fall into the triple digits. Four will not return, including the namesake of Huge Tiny Mistake, Arrested Development. The funny show simply could not ring viewers in, despite its hilarity and amazing brilliance.

Anyway, here are HTM's viewing habits, not including HBO:

14. Lost ABC 15.5
51. How I Met Your Mother CBS 9.5
56. Invasion ABC 9.1 (cancelled)
56. The Simpsons FOX 9.1
65. The West Wing NBC 8.1 (done)
67. The Office NBC 8.0
69. Family Guy FOX 7.9
96. Scrubs NBC 6.4
115. Sons & Daughters ABC 4.9 (cancelled)
117. Smallville WB 4.7
120. Everybody Hates Chris UPN 4.3
123. Arrested Development FOX 4.2 (cancelled)
145. Veronica Mars UPN 2.3


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