Monday, June 12, 2006

Aaron Rowand Has The Right Idea

"Good road trip, would have liked to have finished it better," Rowand said.

Ding! Sure, the Nationals series was a frustrating one, with the Phillies being shut out in a game for the first time since August 2005, and a late inning loss thrown in there just to frustrate fans, but the road trip ends with a 6-5 record. A 6-5 record is exactly what one should expect when going on the road, simply because of the swings that occur throughout the year and that legs get tired after 6,000 miles of traveling. One should expect good teams to go slight above 500 on the road and then romp at home. Unfortunately, the Phillies have not romped at home. They are 16-16 at home, while 17-14 on the road. Hopefully there will be some kind of home-field advantage going into the rest of the year, otherwise it could be a long season for the Phillies.


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